Ray has a history of insecure housing, health problems and has a significant visual impairment.

He was living in unsafe living conditions and had his jaw broken by a neighbour.

Ray now has a home that is safe and secure. He is looking forward to improving his health, meeting a new partner and finding a new job.

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After a breakdown, Maria lost her full-time job and became homeless.

HomeGround helped Maria find and move into a new home after leaving hospital.

Maria now feels safe and happy, and able to confront whatever comes.

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Vivian never imagined he would become homeless. When he lost his family however, the trauma brought up demons from his childhood and life came undone.

Vivian turned to alcohol to cope. He slept on floors, in rooming houses and behind bushes. This went on for 15 years.

With support and a place to call home, Vivian is looking to a future he thought was taken away from him.

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Homelessness crept up on Donovan when his low income resulted in getting behind with the payment of gas bills during winter last year. Donovan was also struggling with an undiagnosed medical condition that had gone untreated for many years.

Working with the Support for Families at Risk of Homelessness (SFaR) program, Donovan is now in secure housing and planning for the future.

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Gypsy was taken away as a baby from her parents as part of the Stolen Generations. Since then, Gypsy has been in and out of homelessness.

Four years ago, Gypsy came back to Melbourne to find out more about her past. She moved between family, hostels and living on the street.

Gypsy decided to return to live on the Murray. She got the support she needed to go back and reclaim the home she lost as a child.    

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